Agricultural machinery manufacturer relies on ABUS again to expand business

DESVOYS ( is one of the leading French manufacturers of agricultural machinery. At home in the region “Pays de la Loire” in the northwest corner of France, they produce 6,000 agricultural machines and equipment annually on average.

The company have been investing in the expansion and the refurbishment of their production plants in Ernée and Landivy over the past years. In 2018 they decided to invest in 15 further ABUS EOT cranes in order to optimise the production process. DESVOYS attach importance and value to making their staff and their working conditions their centre point of all decisions.

Trusting again in ABUS crane systems

ABUS Levage France (, the French daughter company of ABUS Kransysteme GmbH, have been supporting DESVOYS for several years in their efforts to modernise and to maintaine their crane systems. In the run-up for this new investment, however, the agricultural machinery manufacturer consulted with several suppliers and users of bridge cranes.

DESVOYS decided to continue their cooperation with ABUS after having analysed in detail all the different services on offer and the quality of the hoisting technologies available based on the data received during the consultation phase of the project. Both companies cooperate now on a basis of trust.

Consultation and solutions for the business of the agricultural machinery manufacturer

“ABUS helped us with their experience, their advice and their support in order to meet our specific needs. The solutions on offer have been adapted to our production processes, whether it be lifting height, travelling speeds, or the safety of our staff and of our crane users. It is our declared aim to manufacture products that are well designed, yet extremely reliable even when used intensively, and that are long lasting. The ABUS products are perfectly suited to our application due to their robustness and their operating convenience.”

A total of 20 EOT cranes and one jib crane in operation at different stations

15 new single girder EOT cranes of the ELV type featuring main girders made of rolled sections and fitted with chain hoists are beavering away at their respective welding stations in the workshops of the company. This crane park is joined not only by one pillar jib crane of the LS type with a safe working load of 250 kg and a jib arm length of 3500 mm but also by one single girder crane of the ELS type with a load capacity of 6.3 tonnes and a span of 28 metres. This particular crane type is characterised by a side-mounted hoist. With the hook being positioned beside the crane girder the lifting height is maximised which is of great benefit when loading machinery onto lorries. Another four EOT cranes work in the loading zone: these are single girder cranes of the ELK type with spans of 19,190 mm and SWLs of 5 t. The ELK crane has a main girder designed as welded box girder as opposed to the ELV crane with its rolled section girder. All cranes operating in the loading area feature LED load displays. The ABUS LED displays come in three different sizes and make it possible to read the data displayed from distances ranging from 20 to 70 or 80 metres depending on the conditions at the customer’s site. The loaders are thus able to read the weight of the machinery they are loading onto the lorries on the LED display at all times. The weight is displayed with an accuracy of +/- 2 – 5% of the rated load capacity.

Local players join their efforts to develop French and international markets

This major project was made possible by the perfect interaction between ABUS, DESVOYS, and DEMY, a local steel constructor.

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