Cranes for light and heavy transport

Materials need to flow and logistical challenges require solving wherever goods are produced: in major producing industries as well as in small workshops. Sometimes our customers have very special transport requirements, for example as a result of their locations or the goods to be transported. ABUS offers each customer tailor-made solutions based on standard cranes and components. The ABUS Overhead travelling cranes with maximum load capacities of up to 120 t provide smooth transportation for large and heavy goods at high level facilitated by ABUS Wire rope hoists, the core elements of crane systems. ABUS Wall and pillar jib cranes take on the task of moving goods of up to 6.3 t closer to the workplace at low level. The ABUS Light crane systems are capable of optimising complex material flow applications. Modular HB systems can be adapted to almost all kinds of spaces and can lift up to 2 t with ABUS electric chain hoists. Our ABUS Electric chain hoists are used in crane systems or in stand-alone, stationary applications and cover lifting capacities between 100 kg and 4 t. Portal cranes round off the ABUS product range: the ABUS Lightweight mobile gantries LPK, very useful for workshop applications for loads of up to 2 t, are easily moved on lockable castors and thus very flexible as well as the Single girder semi-goliath cranes EHPK with SWL of up to 10 t. A huge range of electrical and electronic accessories help to make ABUS cranes and hoists the perfect solution for each individual application.

Overhead travelling cranes

ABUS overhead travelling cranes lift loads of up to 120 tonnes.

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ABUS HB Systems are synonymous with flexible and reliable materials handling solutions.

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Jib Cranes

ABUS jib cranes are particularly flexible workstation cranes.

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Lightweight mobile gantry

ABUS lightweight mobile gantry cranes give your chain hoists mobility.

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Our cranes provide more productivity and economy on all levels.

With our cranes, we create up to three working levels that make perfect use of your hall geometry, combine workplaces with each other and thus optimise work processes.

The highest level is made up of our overhead travelling cranes, which transport great and heavy loads of up to 120 t throughout the entire hall area. The ABUS overhead travelling crane impresses with maximum flexibility, as it can be adapted to all building designs through different main girder connection options.

The middle crane level is formed by our single girder wall travelling cranes (up to 5 t) and single girder semi-goliath cranes (up to 10 t). They are especially useful for transporting medium loads between several workplaces along the building wall.

On the lower working level, we recommend our suspended rail systems or our jib cranes as particularly workplace-oriented cranes.

Suspended rail systems with load capacities of up to 2 t are modular, flexible crane systems, which can be ideally adapted to the respective site conditions and performance requirements. Depending on the load, the suspended crane can be moved either manually or via dual speed electric travel drives. When using an HB-System in a transport situation with three levels, the installation of the system will be on our standardised cantilever supports or on a free-standing bespoke steel construction.

Our jib cranes, with a maximum load capacity of 6.3 t, a jib length of up to 10 m (load dependant) and with a rotating jib arm offer you high flexibility with several mounting versions for the floor or wall. A slewing range of up to 360 degrees makes ideal use of space and enables fast and uncomplicated material transport all around the workplace. Depending on the available space, we can install a slewing jib crane as a freestanding pillar jib crane or as a wall-mounted jib crane, which can be mounted directly on existing building supports.

Our lightweight mobile gantry with a load capacity of up to 2 t and a maximum overall height of 5 m is the only mobile crane in our portfolio. This gantry is generally used whenever occasional lifting of loads at multiple workplaces is necessary.


Cranes from ABUS Crane Systems

Fast and uncomplicated installation, ease of initial operation, maintenance and simple servicing distinguish an ABUS crane from the competition. The especially high ‘service friendliness’ of our crane technology has been an essential aspect of the ABUS philosophy from the very beginning. The modularity of our crane systems enables quick repair as well as simple conversion or extension of the systems. All electrical modules are of plug-in type and can, therefore, be easily exchanged or extended. Thus, we guarantee our customers not only fast but also uncomplicated repair work. You will receive complete solutions for your building requirements from ABUS Crane Systems. Our cranes are the optimal means for uncomplicated and efficient transport of tools or heavy loads. You will always receive our lifting equipment with the hoists adapted to the application. Both our electric chain hoists and our electric wire rope hoists are characterized by their small construction heights and offer a wide variety of lifting speeds.

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