Electric Chain Hoists

ABUCompact GM6

At a glance
  • In single or double fall design.
  • SWL up to 1.25 alt. 2.5 t.
  • Hook path up to 35 / 17.5 m.
  • Extensive additional equipment available.
ABUCompact GM6
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The ABUCompact GM6 is available with 1 or 2 falls. The GM6 lifts loads of up to 1.25 t / 2.5 t. The hooks paths reach lengths of up to 35 m / 17.5 m. Different lifting speeds are available depending on the load capacity.

The comprehensive range of additional equipment offers various options to customise the functions of the ABUCompact GM6 - from hoist limit switch to radio remote control. 

By using the hinged suspension bracket it is easy to fix the ABUCompact GM6 in position or to use it in conjunction with a push-pull or electrically powered trolley.

This product in action

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