ABUS EOT and jib cranes transport tools and parts for the European automobile industry

Multinorm d.o.o. – a Croatian success story

Multinorm d.o.o. (www.multinorm.hr) is a Croatian company designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality sophisticated forming tools as well as components and fixtures for the European automobile industry. At present Multinorm employs 200 qualified engineers and technicians with the trend towards increasing the business volume and employing more people. The company wants to stand out in the fields of innovative solutions, quality and reliability. Multinorm is at the leading edge in its segment and a leader in technical and technological terms as testified by regular direct deliveries to renowned car manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen. Multinorm put numerous standards into practice whether it be business organisation, environmental protection, or information security.

The company is family owned, was founded 20 years ago, and has shown considerable success in this relatively short period of time.

Multinorm’s development department is continuously developing new state-of-the-art products: high-performance 3D design workstations are being designed, CNC machining centres and precise assemblies are being built and thus highly complex products delivered.

In the context of long-term business development objectives Multinorm has invested in a sizable building plot of 80,000 m² in order to enlarge the production capacities. New office buildings were built last year which are currently being furnished with new machinery.

Single girder travelling cranes for final assembly and loading of larger assemblies Single girder travelling crane in hall from Multinorm in Croatia Wire rope hoist equipped with ABUS LIS-SV overload protection Single girder travelling crane with span of 18.85 m  ELS single girder overhead traveling crane with a side mounted trolley in production and assembly hall Single girder travelling crane and pillar slewing jib crane in Croatian company LED matrix display on travelling crane in Multinorm company Crane hook of overhead travelling crane with lifting capacity of 10 t in company Multinorm ABUS cranes at companie for forming tools of the European automotive industry ABUS cranes at companies for assemblies of the European automotive industry ABUS cranes at companie for devices of the European automotive industry

Only the best machines are good enough
Multinorm selected ABUS Kransysteme GmbH to supply their lifting equipment in line with the company philosophy that high-quality products have to be produced by equally high-quality and reliable machinery. The Croatian partner of ABUS, HOISTEC Ltd. (www.hoistec.hr) supplied, installed, and commissioned three 10 t EOT cranes and four pillar jib cranes. The crane track was sourced from, and constructed by, a third company in accordance with technical specifications supplied by HOISTEC.

One single girder EOT crane of the ELS type each was installed in each of the three production and installation buildings. All three cranes have lifting capacities of 10 tonnes and spans of 18.85 metres. These cranes met the investor’s request to use cranes with one main girder only while reaching maximum lifting height at the same time. The crane type ELS is characterised by a torsionally rigid welded box girder. In case of 10 tonnes SWL this girder could theoretically be as long as 34 metres. The maximum use of the lifting height is achieved by lateral rope lead-off. The investor was able to make savings in the construction thanks to the use of specific technical solutions offered by ABUS and the available surface of the production plant was made optimal use of.

The side mounted wire rope hoists feature ABUS LIS-SV overload protection devices. The LIS-SV continually measures the load suspended from the hook via a load measurement bolt. The measured load is displayed on the display of the push button pendant as well as on the ABUS LED matrix display. The display digits are 60 mm high so you can read the display from a distance of up to 20 metres. The ABUS LED matrix comes in different sizes: depending on the hall size it is possible to read the display from distances of up to 70 or 80 metres.

Applications of the ABUS cranes in production and dispatch
The ABUS ELS cranes with load capacities of 10 tonnes are used in the final assemblage of larger assemblies and for the shipment of finished products. Multinorm makes use of the four ABUS pillar jib cranes of the VS type with SWLs of 1 tonne each and spans of 7 metres to handle smaller loads, for example when feeding machines or at the assembly stations. These cranes are about 6 metres high. The jib arms have a continuous slewing range (n x 360°). The hoist is moved manually as is the slewing of the jib arm. The jib cranes were fixed to the floor via classical foundations taken into account when the plant was built.

Products used