ABUS overhead travelling cranes in flat and long steel distribution in Brazil

Flat and long steel is used as a raw material for the production of machines, parts and tools in the majority of Brazilian industries. These materials are indispensable in the furniture industry, in road construction, in mechanical engineering, in agricultural machinery as well as in the maintenance and repair in various industries in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Sidersul, a company based in this region and active in the steel market for well over 40 years, is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Miguel Gonçalves, partner at Sidersul, points out that the guiding principle for his business is always the total satisfaction of his customers. He adds: “We achieve this through fast deliveries and prefabricated materials. This is the reason why we always have to be up to date, both in terms of our know-how and our workforce. This includes new technologies in production but also the procurement of more modern work equipment.”

A wide range of applications for steel

There are more than 3,500 different types of steel worldwide. These are classified according to their shape among other things such as flat steels and long steels, etc. A wide range of market segments can be efficiently served with a variety of these formats whereby each steel grade is usually used in several areas.

Sidersul supplies companies in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. Sidersul distributes steel in general and supplies the market with sheets, beams, and tubes, with round, square and hexagonal steels that can be rolled or drawn, and provides also flat steel and angle iron.

Miguel Gonçalves explains that the steel market generally experienced high growth rates during the COVID pandemic. He adds that both purchase volumes and prices increased significantly. “We see the need to expand in the thick plate sector, a material where we are seeing strong growth thanks to the acquisition of more plasma cutting machines.”

Crane systems in use
Miguel Conçales says: “The ABUS EOT cranes installed by Eidt-Ciriex help us a lot as they speed up the distribution and the transport of steel bars and plates whether for feeding the machines or for loading and unloading of the lorries.”

The decision in favour of the ABUS brand was a decision of trust. “We chose the ABUS cranes from Eidt-Ciriex (www.ciriexabus-cranes.com.br) because we have great confidence in this brand which has been with us for a long time. These cranes are compact lifting devices with low maintenance costs in relation to the required working capacity. We are already using six overhead travelling cranes and are very satisfied with our latest acquisition.”

Sidersul also emphasises in this context the differentiated service that the company always receives from Eidt-Ciriex. Today Sidersul has three overhead travelling cranes in operation where the original hoists have been replaced by compact ABUS electric wire rope hoists and also operates two ABUS single girder EOT cranes with 5 and 6.3 tonnes SWL respectively.

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