Mounting jib cranes

You can select the right option for your application from a variety of mounting options for our jib cranes.

Pillar slewing jib cranes can be individually set up as free-standing cranes. Wall jib cranes can be mounted to a concrete wall or building support.

Mounts for pillar slewing jib cranes

An ABUS pillar slewing crane can be installed to a foundation built by the customer or onto an existing concrete floor or concrete ceiling using an intermediate plate or dowel plate.

Mounts for wall jib cranes

For wall jib cranes there are mounting options on steel supports, reinforced concrete supports, steel plates and reinforced concrete walls.

Safety when working with ABUS cranes

Workplace safety is an important topic - that's why inspecting the building statics is part of this process. Jib cranes transfer force and momentum onto the building and the support structures. Statically sufficient dimensioning is the basic prerequisite for safe crane operation. Have this checked and confirmed by a structural engineer.

When assembling the jib crane, careful adjustment of the crane must be ensured before commissioning.

However, not all building floors are level enough to guarantee this. This is why an assembly gap for the mounting of ABUS pillar slewing jib cranes is provided, so that the necessary adjustment is possible. Mortar is poured into this gap to ensure secure stability.

The delivery of an ABUS jib crane means "Delivery from a single source"

In addition to the mounting systems, you will receive all templates and connecting materials from ABUS. This even includes the formwork material for the required grouting and the special grouting.