ABUS cranes of 100 tons for cryogenic applications

Heating and cooling play important roles in many industrial applications and processes. The company Chart Industries Inc. (www.chartindustries.com) is one of the world leaders when it comes to cryogenic applications. Chart Industries Inc. offer standardised solutions of low temperature and cryogenic engineering as well as customised ones. The headquarters of Chart Industries Inc. can be found in the US and subsidiaries of the Chart Group are in Germany, Australia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and China.

ABUS double girder overhead travelling cranes in the company Chart Industries Inc.  Ponts roulants bipoutre ABUS de type ZLK dans la société Chart Industries Inc.

ABUS Crane Systems Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (www.abuscrane.com.cn) was chosen as sole supplier for cranes when Chart Industries Inc. built a new production plant in China. ABUS China has already delivered a series of crane systems for the different production sections such as EOT cranes, jib cranes, and wire rope hoists. The latest supply of cranes was characterised by particularly big cranes: two double girder EOT cranes of the ZLK type were delivered with a load capacity of 80 tons and a span of 24.75 metres as well as a further two EOT cranes with an identical span but a load capacity of 100 tons. All cranes can be operated together or individually thus ensuring an area-wide coverage even in the case of very heavy loads.

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