ABUS jib cranes in maintenance company for machine tools in Sweden

The tool spindle is often referred to as the heart of a machine tool in the industry as in chipping machines for example. The spindle is the interface between the motor and the tool holder and is therefore exposed to particularly high loads and stresses. Long term use can only be ensured through regular inspection and maintenance.

The Swedish company Rörick Elektriska Verkstad (www.rorick.se) have focused their entire business on “service and inspection” of spindles and have continued to steadily expand their market position in the area of service and maintenance for Swedish industries in recent years. In September 2020, for example, Rörick acquired the service business for spindles from SKF in Gothenburg. The workstations were to be equipped with suitable crane systems in order to handle the spindles which weigh between 250 and 400 kgs. Four slewing jib cranes were installed and commissioned at Rörick after just a few weeks following in-depth consultation with JJ-Gruppen, a sub-agency of the Swedish subsidiary ABUS Kransystem AB (www.abus-kransystem.se).

These jib cranes consist of three pillar jib cranes with SWLs of 500 kgs. An additional crane has a lifting capacity of 250 kgs. The jibs—that is the lengths of the jib arms—measure between 4 and 6 metres. Jib cranes with jib lengths of up to 5 metres are designed as LSX cranes: the high positions of the jib arms allow high hook positions which make optimal use of available space. The fourth jib crane is designed as an LS crane with a jib arm length of 6 metres. This jib length makes it possible to serve two disassembly devices and two scissor tables with this crane and use it for removing spindle motors. Here the jib cranes really come into their own as workplace specific cranes for processing workpieces.

All jib cranes feature ABUS electric chain hoists of the ABUCompact series with load capacities of up to 4 tonnes possible. 
The jib cranes were fastened using steel anchor plates with special composite anchors approved for dynamic loads which were completely sunk into the round anchor plates. ABUS supplied a complete package for the assembly consisting of dowel plates, composite anchors and formwork rings for the underpouring of the jib cranes which gives the cranes their stability.

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