Swedish manufacturer of compressors and pumps installs ABUS cranes

Swedish manufacturer of compressors and pumps installs ABUS cranes

112 years of company history and many hundreds of patents bear testimony to the success and the innovative strength of the company SRM Svenskar Rotor Maskiner (www.rotor.se). Only four years after the company was founded SRM saw their turbines installed in the London underground. Subsequently the construction and design of steam and gas turbines was revolutionised. In the mid-1930s, SRM became a pioneer in the development of screw compressors and grew to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this industrial sector.

SRM is located near Stockholm and today develops and builds compressors and pumps for a wide range of industrial applications and customers. Further development of products plays a major role in addition to the development of new products in order to meet the growing demands of its international customers.

Employees at electric chain hoist and in front of ABUS cranes Employee at jib crane at Rotor Maskiner in Sweden HB-System control by ABURemote in company Rotor Maskina in Sweden Double-girder travelling crane and electric wire rope hoist control via ABURemote Button Employee at double girder travelling crane and jib crane Jib crane and double-girder travelling crane in Rotor Maskiner workshop Electric wire rope hoist of a single girder travelling crane guided by employee Rotor Maskiner employee operates single girder travelling crane with ABURemote

Move to new and larger buildings in two stages

Laboratory fitted with cranes
SRM moved in two stages to a new and larger site in Saltsjö-Boo near Stockholm. The company used this opportunity to modernise its complete crane and lifting technology. The first phase in 2018 saw ABUS EOT cranes and light weight crane systems installed in the laboratory. Now two single girder EOT cranes of the ELV type (with SWLs of 8 tonnes and spans of 8.7 metres) and one single girder EOT crane of the ELK type (with identical span but a higher load capacity of 12.5 tonnes) provide the transport of larger components within the lab. All cranes are operated via ABUS radio remote controls ABURemote. ABUS suspended rail systems are also in use in addition to these EOT cranes. In total three workstation specific EHB systems transport smaller loads of up to 1 tonne SWL to the respective lab facilities.

The right crane for every workplace in the workshop
The workshop was fitted with cranes in the second project phase. One ABUS single girder EOT crane ELV with 1.6 tonnes SWL as well as one double girder EOT crane ZLK with a load capacity of 6.3 tonnes are used in this area to lift larger loads. The transport tasks on the level below involve smaller loads but are quite exacting as components have to be assembled and joined together with the utmost precision at the different workstations. Therefore, a total of 3 suspended rail systems were installed with SWLs between 0.5 and 1 tonnes composed of two EHB systems and one ZHB-X suspended rail. The single girder crane EHB is one of the most commonly used suspended rail systems for area-wide material transport thanks to the simple construction consisting of two rails and one crane girder. The double girder crane ZHB-X makes optimal use of any available room height and thus of a maximum lifting height thanks to the raised-up crane: the crane girder runs between the two crane rails, not underneath. The crane park within the workshop section is completed by a total of 6 jib cranes. Two pillar jib cranes LSX are employed in transporting smaller loads of up to 125 kg, whereas larger loads between 250 and 500 kg are moved by 4 jib cranes of the LS type. Their slewing ranges are limited by mechanical slewing stops in order to prevent possible collisions.

When every millimetre matters: Using frequency converter technology for lifting
All hoists, i.e. the electric wire rope hoists on the EOT cranes as well as the electric chain hoists on the light weight crane systems, are fitted with frequency converters for lifting. The frequency converter technology makes for exact positioning and joining together of individual components in this application and that is an absolute requirement for the complex mounting work as is carried out by SRM.

JJ-Gruppen (www.jjgruppen.se), a sub-agent of ABUS Kransystem, the Swedish daughter company of ABUS Germany, was in charge of this project in its entirety.

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