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At a glance
  • User-friendly operation
  • Modern menu guidance
  • Resistant to radio frequency interference
  • Backlit display
  • Standard rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charging very straightforward


ABURemote gives you the freedom you need when transporting heavy loads. The load can be moved from the safest available standing position which offers the best overview.

Optimised specifically to be used with ABUS crane systems, the ABURemote is characterised by high quality. Choose between two types of transmitters: the hand-held transmitter ABURemote Button or the joystick transmitter ABURemote Joystick.

Control the cranes by using the two-stage buttons. The master switches allow you to control frequency-controlled drives. Accelerate or decelerate to reach the required speed and hold that speed with ease.

The back-lit display provides information such as selected settings, active cranes and hoists, the strength of the radio signal, and the battery charge. And – if a load indicator system (LIS-SV) has been installed – the weight of the load on the hook is displayed also. The intuitively designed menu allows you to quickly access your crane functions. Four function buttons can be assigned individually to the commands you frequently need.

Forget expensive and complex replacement of special batteries. ABURemote works with standard rechargeable Mignon batteries (AA) with a charge life of more than 40 hours.

Your ABURemote transmitter may be kept comfortably about your person whilst leaving your hands free: the hand-held transmitter via a belt clip and the joystick transmitter on a waist or shoulder harness.

Charging the batteries is child’s play: Simply place the transmitter in the supplied charging cradle and the batteries in the transmitter will be charged by induction. Removal of the batteries is not required. The protective bag, wrist strap or shoulder strap also remain on the transmitter when charging. During charging, the transmitter automatically switches to stand-by mode and displays the progress of the charging process. The charging cradle can either stand on a surface or be mounted vertically on a wall. The accessories for wall mounting are included. It could not be more straightforward.

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