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ABUS calibrated hook block

At a glance

  • Calibrated commercial scale of accuracy class III with CE-M approval, incl. Declaration of Conformity
  • Durable DMS ring torsion load cell made of stainless steel sensor
  • The indicated load is always in the field of vision of the operator, either on the remote control or, as an option, on the crane
  • Weighing module is optimally integrated into the bottom block of ABUS wire rope hoists
  • Radio data transmission via the Teledata evaluation unit
  • Calibrated hook block scale can also be retrofitted


Knowing the weight of the load on the hook, is important to many crane operators: In order to weigh the goods and invoice the customer, to load trucks, to supply production plants with weighed material, to comply with the safety specifications for loads or to determine the weight of containers – frequently the ABUS hook block scale is most economical solution.

The ABUS hook block scale is an accuracy class III digital commercial scale with EU approval from the German National Metrology Institute. The crane scale is calibrated and delivered ready for use. The load determination is by means of a durable DMS ring torsion load cell made of stainless steel sensors. The weighing electronics consist of state-of-the-art SMD technology in a robust industrial design. The weighing module integrates perfectly into the bottom block of ABUS wire rope hoists. The lift-height loss is zero in respect of a 4-fall reeving of the hoist and minimal in the case of a 6-, 8- or 10-fall application.

With the ABUS hook block scale, the load display is always visible to the operator: on the display of the scale, on the hand-held transmitter or, optionally, on a large external display on the crane or in the building. Furthermore, the data can be transmitted via intelligent accessories to where it is required.