ABUS cranes in the new production plant of Stork Thermeq at Hengelo in the Netherlands

After residing in the center of Hengelo for 150 years, Stork Thermeq (www.stork.com) moved to the industrial estate of Kanaalzone Hart van Zuid. Stork Thermeq is part of Stork Technical Services.
Stork Thermeq stands for building, maintaining and optimising of production facilities.

As well as designing and engineering products and concepts for new constructions, they also deliver efficiency upgrades and availability improvements in the context of retrofitting or modifying projects.

Stork Thermeq’s business originally started in boiler manufacturing; their boilers are still being employed all over the World. Today they work with power and process industry operators and EPC contractors in Europe and the UK, the Americas, Africa, Caspian, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Their specialist project teams have a broad understanding of the energy production process and in-depth process knowledge of the water-steam cycle. And they combine that with a long OEM track record with in-depth process knowledge and excellent technical capabilities to help customers build, maintain and optimise their production facilities. Stork Thermeq’s certified approach to project management, uncompromising commitment to safety and their impressive technical capabilities all combine to provide an unrivalled service.

Company Stork Thermeq in the Netherlands Production hall of the company Stork Thermeq Double girder travelling crane with lifting capacity of 25 t in new production of the company Stork Thermeq Overhead travelling cranes used for entire material handling Double girder travelling cranes in tandem control in company Stork Thermeq in Netherlands Transport of incoming preliminary products by ABUS cranes Wire rope hoists for double girder travelling cranes with high load capacity ABUS service cars among the 27 mounted ABUS cranes in company Stork Thermeq Assembly hoist with load capacity of 55 t

The new production location offers many logistical advantages through the internal transport with ABUS overhead cranes (www.abus-kraansystemen.nl) from the incoming raw materials up to the entire logistics of the end products with weights of approx. 200,000 kg. For the internal transport Stork Thermeq makes use of 27 ABUS overhead travelling cranes ranging in load capacities between 3,200 kg and 220,000 kg (combined tandem control).  Among these cranes are 9 double girder overhead travelling cranes type ZLK with a span up to 21 m, 17 single girder overhead travelling cranes type ELK with a span up to 19 m and an underslung overhead travelling crane type EDL. Furthermore, Stork Thermeq use a variety of pillar and wall mounted jib cranes type VS and VW.



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