Production Jib Cranes and Lightweight Crane System HB

A profile of a distinctive location

The second largest ABUS production facility is the home of the manufacturing of light crane products such as the Lightweight Crane System HB and Jib Cranes as well as home for the worldwide shipping of crane components.
The aim and the task of our employees is to ensure the manufacturing of high quality products with short, reliable delivery times. This can only be achieved by motivated staff with high personal commitment and readiness for flexibility.

Here we box up our CraneKits. These are complete disassembled overhead cranes without the main crane girders. The components are shipped in overseas containers and the main crane girders are added in the country of destination. Thus uneconomical transport of oversized steel parts is avoided.

ABUS HB Systems are synonymous with flexible and reliable materials handling solutions.

The steel profiles of the suspended crane tracks are connected by modern pulse welding machines.

The automatic HB profile-welding machine guarantees a constant high-level quality-welding seam through the use of modern pulsed resistance welding machines.

Ergonomically optimal working positions are achieved with the integration of bespoke jigs into the production process. 

Here, for example, jib arms are welded horizontally which is made possible by a special turning device.

The high production output is achieved through an area wide linear production flow and the minimum capitalization by a low intermediate storage.

Qualified and certified coded welders are the key for highest quality welding at the manual workstations. Crane production without manual welding is inconceivable despite a high degree of automation.