Production Overhead Cranes

Strong reasons speak for the Overhead Crane production plant.

The ABUS state of the art Overhead Travelling Crane manufacturing plant is a highly automated, highly versatile production facility, which ensures an ideal combination of precision, cost-efficiency and consistently high quality levels.
This enables ABUS to produce individual crane systems for individual applications.

Above all, our cranes are to meet the needs of your applications. It is therefore our task to marry high quality—obtained through automation—and flexibility for your requests. Our state-of-the-art production plants and processes manage this balancing act. Thus we guarantee precision on a consistently high quality level while at the same time realising individual crane systems for the most diverse applications.

The shot blasting machine equipped with four high-performance turbines derusts and descales the steel plates to ensure excellent weld quality.

Plates of the length required for box girders are welded together on a PLC-controlled welding machine. The automatic weld sequence control system ensures the highest welding quality possible.

Web plates are welded into place to protect the girder against twisting and stiffeners are inserted to improve the overall stability of the structure.

The moving portal welding unit designed in-house by ABUS welds the web plates to the upper and lower flanges and the rails on the top of the girder. The welding unit can complete up to six welds at the same time.