ABUS Production

Our production facilities in Germany

Production Overhead Cranes

Strong reasons speak for the Overhead Crane production plant.

The ABUS state of the art Overhead Travelling Crane manufacturing plant is a highly automated, highly versatile production facility, which ensures an ideal combination of precision, cost-efficiency and consistently high quality levels.

Production of Heavy Overhead Cranes

In Gummersbach-Herreshagen, everything is a bit bigger. The production of powerful double girder cranes requires space in all directions. Since 2011, ABUS has been manufacturing hundreds of heavy overhead travelling cranes with a load capacity of up to 120 t and a span of up to 42 m here every year.

Production Jib Cranes and Lightweight Crane System HB

A profile of a distinctive location

The second largest ABUS production facility is the home of the manufacturing of light crane products such as the Lightweight Crane System HB and Jib Cranes as well as home for the worldwide shipping of crane components.

Product development

Our product development department is located in Marienheide. This is where the ideas emerge that make our cranes higher quality and more cost-effective.