Production Wire Rope Hoist R+D

Our R & D and training centre.

Close to the Overhead Crane manufacturing plant are found our Research & Development department, our training facilities and the manufacturing facility of the ABUS Wire Rope Hoist. Our aim is to build long-term business relationships with our customers by constant product testing and product optimisation in our    R & D centre.

This is supported by the usage of modern technology such as CAD workstations as well as intensive R & D into engineering basics. Training for our customers is considered a major cornerstone within the extensive ABUS concept.

Our engineering teams are composed of a wide range of fields working hand in hand for the development of better and more cost efficient crane components. Modular construction methods using modern 3D CAD systems are a given. Sustainability is also in the focus of our developers. Each new development is designed to be compatible with the existing product range. Long-term testing in our test laboratories provides us with practical experiences with the components.

Our R&D department develops our products to the bespoke requirements of our customers. Modern CAD workstations guarantee optimal and cost effective material handling solutions. 

The modular design of our cranes is reflected even in the lowest level of the cranes. Flexible use of individual modules requires using the most modern software and, above all, interdisciplinary thinking by our engineers.

Modern technology is also used in the production process of our Wire Rope Hoists. Pictured above is an automatic welding robot for the welding of Wire Rope Hoist chassis. An ABUS Wire Rope Hoist is a decision for a market leading quality product within material handling.

ABUS Wire Rope Hoists are produced using the most advanced manufacturing technology available and continue to bear witness to their reliability, safety and durability year after year. That is why we supply all ABUS Wire Rope Hoists with a unique extended long-term warranty.